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Squirrel Gloves……

I was thrilled today, when I managed to capture not only footage of my squirrel feeding from the ‘NutHouse’ but also going right inside! I also did a small clip of the squirrel on my DSLR, from the conservatory, so you can see what I see from the house. I am so pleased with this set-up as the footage I am getting is exactly what I had in my mind when I designed and made this feeder.

I particularly love the bit at the end, when she is inside the jar, shedding the shells off the sunflower seeds at an amazing rate! She looks like she is wearing little squirrel mittens, her hands are so furry. I am guessing this is a female as when she turned around, there were no ‘tell-tale’ male bits on show!

I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did capturing it……


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