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Springwatch Begins… What happens when the team film in your garden?

If you are a wildlife enthusiast like me, you will always be looking forward to the end of May, when BBC Springwatch once again graces our screens with wonderful wildlife footage. With superb live cams, that inspired what I do here, I spend more time watching TV at this time of year, than I do any other time of year! It is made extra special, of course, because I have been lucky enough to have featured on the show for the last 2 years. This year, I welcomed Michaela Strachan to my garden and this footage is due to air next Tuesday… although that could change!

You can find out more about the wonderful day I had filming with lovely Michaela, on my website HERE

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 19.26.22

Whilst watching one of the shows earlier in the week; the piece by Bill Oddie about garden birds, I recognised birds from my garden! Some of it was from this last filming session, but a few bits were from last year….

Nick Baker has also been running a ‘Bug of the Day’ spot on his Unsprung Show. You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I found a stunning Cockchafer in the garden and took lots of pictures! I sent this into Springwatch and they asked if they could use it on the show… of course they could!! (Would anyone ever say ‘no’??!!)

The show has been wonderful and delivered wildlife footage that has kept me transfixed….  I have been working from home most of this week at my PC, so have had all my cams up and running and the amazing live streams have been running on Red Button on the TV…. not sure how I have got any work done!

Thank you also to the Lichfield Mercury, my local paper, who ran a lovely piece in this week’s edition all about Michaela’s visit….

Scan 85

Thankfully, we still have 2 weeks of Springwatch to go…. I can’t wait to see my piece and to see how they have edited all the footage together…. I see it for the first time as it goes out on the show… hopefully next week!


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