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My Springwatch Mammal Box!

With BBC Springwatch starting on Monday, I set about  doing a revamp in this mammal box set-up, which has also appeared a few years ago as an Autumnwatch set. A lovely new sofa took pride of place and I created little photos of the team, along with the Springwatch backdrop on the TV and the new ‘Wild Academy’ section, aimed at the younger audience. I fitted a few other new bits in as well… a tiny bird box, watering can and some flowers to make the set look as authentic as I could.

It  takes a little while to get the focus and camera angle right, but luckily, I can easily unplug the box from the hedgerow, where it is sited, and carry it up to my office to set it up. It usually takes a bit of fine tuning, once the mammals come in, as it is hard to get the focus point correct and the depth of focus in this set up is quite narrow.

I was pleased with how the box was looking…

I designed this Mammal Box so that the little set fits inside . This means I can easily change the scene that the mammals come into. They enter via two small holes either side.  The box uses a small Vivotek IP camera and lighting which is on 24-7. Mounted up in the hedge by my conservatory, it usually attracts mice and voles.

I didn’t have to wait long!

A wood mouse nipped in within the hour. The mammals do not seem to be worried at all by the change of scene! As long as there is food available, they are happy!

This camera will live stream over the duration of the Springwatch Show and it can be watched on the live cameras both on my website and that of CJWildlife. I will upload some video over the coming days as the residents get used to the new set up….. I just hope the don’t nibble that posh new sofa!


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