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Snack Bar Soup, Daylight foxes and Birds Galore…

Lots of new footage from my patch on tonight’s blog. With lots of work on at the moment, it’s hard to keep on top of all the footage and keep all the live feeding stations looking good, as well as planning the new up-coming content! 

The foxes are still visiting and I have been looking out for the wobbly fox with the possible injuries. I’m not sure if this is him…. this individual has a strange bent ear, but no sign of the wobbliness….. I am hoping it is him and that he is recovering.

This smaller vixen is also visiting regularly…. and enjoying the apples I have put out for the birds….

Keep an eye on this camera during the day. Blackbirds and magpies are enjoying the apple fest… windfall are a great food source for the birds and I’m hoping that I can attract some fieldfare and redwing in the coming months…..

An added bonus this morning…… this beautiful vixen visited at 8am this morning! I don’t often see them in daylight at this time of the year….

I have placed this recycled plastic Matterhorn feeder in view of my PTZ camera. I was hoping its positioning would mean the squirrels wouldn’t get on it, but they are leaping about 8ft from a tree behind, to get on to this… the battle continues!! There are lots of finches around, with the occasional view of bullfinch, so keep an eye on on the live camera.

I have been playing around with different feeder set ups on the feeding platform, but not happy with it yet… I’ll keep experimenting….

Nice to see some little flocks of long-tailed tits around this week and they love the fat bars. I love their calls as they flit around the garden.

A few berries have been added to the mammal box this week as a bit of festive colour as we move into December. I can’t quite believe it and with the mild temperatures at the moment, it is difficult to believe the we are nearing the end of 2019.

Finally, my snack bar was in need of a winter update. The issues I have had with this set up is that this is mounted about 12ft up on the outside of my house, with a very narrow passage way underneath, making it difficult to get a ladder up there safely. This weekend, I managed to an angled ladder there and, with my son hanging on the inside of it to counterbalance it, I was able to get up and change a few things around. With the weather heading to winter, we now have soup and toast options, along with the world’s smallest advent calendar and selection boxes!

The robin is becoming very territorial over this snack bar and is chasing off the other birds as they come to feed….

Lots of other plans in place for the festive mammal box and some new feeding stations as well…. so watch this space!


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