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Redwings and pipits!

As the snow began to thaw today, an area of muddy field appeared and with it, came some new visitors! First I spotted about 6 redwing which I hoped would discover my apple tree I had made… the blackbirds had!




At one point, I had about 6 redwing feeding on the field. They stayed quite a way away, so photos rather distant, but good to see them.




Later I looked out again and a tiny movement caught my eye… quite far away. It was a small bird, bobbing rather like a wagtail. I got my binoculars and could see it was a small, stripy bird… looked a bit like a pipit of some sort. Checking in my bird book, I think it is a meadow pipit! This is a new species in my patch, so I was really chuffed. There were two, but they stayed quite far away, making photography difficult. They were also incredibly well camouflaged against the mud and  I often lost them and had to put the binoculars down to look for the tiny bobbing movement again to locate them!





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