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Prickly Diner Makeover

With hedgehogs only visiting very early in the season, my Prickly Diner was left rather empty and I decided to give it a bit of a makeover to encourage the small mammals into there. It is a bigger space than my Mammal Box HD, so a little more scope to experiment. Collecting a range of materials from moss-clad rocks, to interesting gnarled wood and some ferns, I positioned them around the space to create a pleasing effect for the camera, yet lots of opportunities for the small mammals to come in and interact with the space. I have a number of small LED lights in this box and positioned them to light the whole area effectively.

It took about a week for the voles, wood mice and shrews to start visiting and I am pleased with the images I am capturing… here’s a little taster!

Prickly Diner Vole 2_00005


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