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Odd Box Action

I have got lots of shots from inside my nestboxes, but have not had time until today to get outside and try and get some shots of the blue tits going in.  The pair building in this box have built this nest in just a couple of days, compared to the weeks that the pair in the oak tree box have taken. These two are avid moss collectors and are in and out of the box every 5-10 minutes or so all day. I tried a few different spots to photograph from and got the best shots from behind the trellis up behind my pond. I could rest my lens on the trellis and they could not see me. Getting a good shot was harder than I thought. They are so quick. They would appear from nowhere, straight in before I had a chance to depress the shutter. It was easier to wait until they popped back out! I wanted some shots of them bringing materials in and after about an hour of waiting, I was pleased when one paused for a fraction of a second with a beak full of moss before disappearing. Here are three of the best ones from today. I did try a bit of video, but I am new to that, so have not had a chance to edit it yet.

The garden was so full of life today. There are two pairs of goldfinches in and around the garden most of the time, twittering and calling to each other, numerous greenfinches, my single chiffchaff calling all the time and then other bursts of song from robins, dunnocks, song thrush, chaffinches, my one pair of house sparrows that keep appearing and jackdaws who are collecting nesting materials from the field and calling. It was lovely out there today and I am glad I made the time to spend a couple of hours out there with my camera!


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