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New ‘TableCam’

I have changed one of my camera angles slightly as I want to be able to trial some table feeds. I was lucky enough to be given a lovely bird table by a colleague from work… her husband had made it, but it was surplus to requirements and she wanted a good home for it!  I could guarantee it would have a good home on the WildlifeKate patch!

I decided to set it up on my patio, using the cam I use on my Nature’s Feast sunflower heart feeder. I decided to see if I could incorporate this feeder under the bird table. Luckily, the roof is high on this and the feeder fitted perfectly underneath. I fixed it at the top with a cup hook and a couple of nails at the bottom to keep the base in place. Attaching the cam on the opposite side, I knew the wide angle lens would give a decent view of the table top as well as the feeder. I wondered if the greenfinches and goldfinches would be happy to come on the feeder with it actually in the bird table. I needn’t have worried… in the time it took me to come in from the garden and come upstairs to check the cam view, there were 5 goldfinches and 2 greenfinches on there!

With the winter heading close, this will mean that the feeder is kept dry and any debris falls on the table for others to eat. I can also trial some table feeds as well. I moved the pizza tray to the other sunflower feeder as it has worked really well.

Here are a few shots of the set up… check out my live stream to see it in action!

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