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Nesting begins!

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of interest in my nest boxes, but no building as such. Last year, it was the first week in April that they began. Today the blue tits have been bringing materials into two of my boxes; the HandyKam box mounted on a plum tree and a Gardenature Discovery box, mounted on a large oak tree.

I have been watching the cameras as I have been working and the plum tree box was very busy! They were in and out all day, but seemed just as intent on taking stuff out as they were on taking stuff in! They also did a lot of pecking at the floor, removing small bits of wood. I am not sure why they keep doing this. I managed to capture some clips of this pair in action….

I was relieved to see my blackbird return to the nest this morning after the wood mouse wrecked a lot of it last night. She tidied it up and spent quite a lot fo time in it. I think she laid another egg, but I can’t see if the previous one is still there. Tonight, however, she has left the nest unoccupied and I fear the mouse will be back. We’ll have to wait and see.


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