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Nest update

I have been away for  a few days…. plus forgot to publish one of my posts! Blue tits still building in oak tree box, as detailed below. I am still getting look-ins in the other boxes, but no nesting activity of yet…. still time!

It has been rather cold and dull here for the last few days, as well as wet and windy! There has been sporadic activity in the oak tree nest box. This afternoon brightened up a bit and the bluetits got a bit busier. Moss seems to be the favourite nesting materials at the moment, as well as little thin pieces of dried grass, I think. They are spending more time re-arranging it in there as well…. moving it around and then flattening and pushing it to the edges by spreading and fluttering their wings.

I was then suprised to see another head look in…. a great tit! I presume he was then chased off by my bluetits! I wish they would tell him there is a nice ‘odd box’ still vacant!


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