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My wrens fledge the garage nest!

When I found the wren nest last weekend and set a camera up on it, I knew the chicks were close to fledging. I could see that they were quite large and would hang out of the nest as the parents fed them.

This morning, I could see the chicks still in the nest cup, but on returning and checking them just after 9am, the nest looked empty. I use an excellent bit of software called ‘i-catcher’ that monitors my cameras and I was able to scroll back and see that the three chicks fledged just before 9am. One seemed to be sitting on the camera before the chicks fledged… I wondered if this was the parent? It was all rather quick and one fell out rather than flew out! 

They did not hang around in the garage port for long and were soon in the dense ivy undergrowth outside… perfect for wrens. I am delighted that another little new family has moved into my patch!


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