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My patch is LIVE on Midlands Today!

This evening I welcomed David Gregory-Kumar from Midlands Today back to my patch for a broadcast live from my garden! This is the first time I have done anything live and it was a little more nerve -racking  than the recorded stuff!

Larry and his satellite van arrived about an hour and a half before the Midlands Today broadcast at 6.30pm.



My drive and garden is set low down in the lane and surrounded by trees and he was not confident that we would be able to get a signal. Larry had to use his phone app to locate the dish and work out the angle the van was on my drive… all very technical stuff!



After skilful manipulation of the satellite dish, he miraculously managed to find a window of space and get enough signal for the broadcast to go ahead. Using a wireless connection up to the camera up in my garden they checked it all worked and we got the thumbs up.

David arrived and we had time to sit in the sunshine, have a chat and tea and cake of course!




We did a quick run through of what was going to happen and the questions he was going to ask me and then the show was live! David gave a count down to the live broadcast from my garden… exciting!




Within seconds, David was introducing a piece about water voles, then we had a 2 minute wait for that to finish, before David was back on air and heading over to me! He made it all very easy and before I knew it, it was all over! I had done my first live broadcast!


My son, Cameron was inside watching it out of the kitchen window and live on the TV! Shame they spelt my name wrong, but never mind!

A big thanks to the team for coming out and even my blackbird chicks got a look in!

Here is the footage, with some great Bushnell footage of voles as well! Brill!


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