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My Hub gets lights!

My hub is gradually taking shape, as I begin to organise all my wildlife foods, feeders and general paraphernalia inside! One thing that I have really wanted are some lights, especially as it is getting darker earlier and on a dull day, it can be quite dark in there. When I was at the show, I had two small strip lights and these worked really well. I planned on installing them in the hub when I got it home.

The problem we had in the garden was that the only power up that far in the garden ran a small pump in the pond. In order for that cable to also run two strip lights… and a security light I wanted, it meant somehow adapting the system I had to accommodate the new cabling needed.

I have no knowledge of electrics, so Martin has been working on it for the last few weeks. After much fiddling under my sink (where the cable enters the house) and the addition of several junction boxes and new cables, I was thrilled to have lighting in my hub today! What a difference it makes too…

I also wanted to install a little PIR security light, so chose a twin spotlight model from Wickes. I will be testing it in different positions over the coming weeks, so it is only mounted on a piece of timber at the moment, so I can move it around. I am hoping it will improve the image of some of the cams in the area and will allow me to watch the wildlife from the hub more easily… as well as make it easier for me to fill all the feeders etc on the darker nights!

Finally, a quick shot of the garden today… well past its best, but after a day of sweeping, cutting and mowing, it still looks good and the hub is settling in beautifully!


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