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Mouse House Trials

I have been looking around for a while for a small enclosure, suitable for feeding mice, that I could sell on my website. I finally found just what I was looking for and I am trialling it in the garden at the moment. I plan on selling a small kit on my shop, with the house all set up with a small cam mounted inside. I am trialling a few different set ups at the moment and when I am sure I have the best cam for the job, I will be producing a little kit. Obviously, I wanted to trial it first, so have a number of these set up around the garden…. they certainly seem to be attracting the mice who happily pop in and out of the little windows!

I have one kit set up on my night cams at the moment, on the hedgecam feeder table. I have been watching the mice pop in and out tonight… it is quite comical as they often sit inside with their tails trialling outside!

If you already have some cameras, I plan on selling this little house on its own as well for your own projects… I think it is perfect for our small rodent visitors!


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