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Michaela Strachan visits the WildlifeKate Patch!

I have extremely fortunate to have appeared on Springwatch and Autumnwatch over the last two years, sharing some of the projects I have been doing here in my patch and, hopefully, inspiring  others to do a bit for wildlife in their own gardens.

This week, I was delighted to welcome the team back, this time to focus on Rats for a feature on the show in a few weeks. I have quite a few rats visiting here and love watching them… they are intelligent, acrobatic and resourceful mammals; an integral part of the ecosystem here in my garden.

I am not going to say much in this blog post, until the footage is aired on Springwatch in a few weeks, but we had a wonderful day and the weather was very kind to us! A massive thanks to Michaela, Jo, Mark and Ken for all the laughs, jokes and fun…. it was a wonderful day! I will be creating a full-page on my website at the end of the month to correspond to the show going out, but until then, here are a few shots of the day….


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