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Lockdown Podcasts with Ryan and Jack

I have had little time to update my blog of late as I have lots of projects going on in the background, but I am hoping to try to catch up in the next few weeks, sharing with you all the exciting work I will be embarking on in the coming months.

First, I wanted to share the podcasts I did with Jack Perks and Ryan Dalton, a few months ago. There were lots of amazing podcasts over the lockdown period and I love downloading and listening to them when driving. Both these podcasts have interviewed a wide range of fab wildlife enthusiasts and are well worth a listen!

Jack Perks is a fab wildlife photographer and film-maker and his passion for UK fish is amazing. Underwater wildlife is probably the wildlife that I know least about, but Jack's work has helped me learn a bit more about fresh water life and this video will give you a flavour of his great studies.

You can find out more about Jack and his work on his website.

WildlifeKate Podcast with Jack Perks

Jack does some little video clips to accompany his podcasts and you can catch up with the whole podcast from the link after these.

WildlifeKate Podcast with Ryan Dalton

When Ryan contacted me regarding a podcast, I was delighted to take part. Ryan, a London based comic, started up his Into The Wild Podcast during lockdown, interviewing all sorts of wildlife enthusiasts. You can find out more about Ryan HERE His podcast can be found HERE

I had a lovely chat with Ryan and you can listen to the podcast below.

Thank you to Jack and Ryan. I hope you enjoy the these!


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