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Kingfisher Joys!

I have been working hard to capture the best footage we can of the YewView Kingfishers. We are really privilaged to have a number of individuals visiting every day at the moment. They have a favourite perch on a post on the end of a small jetty into the wildlife pond. The water is not deep, it is clear and swarming with life!

Initially, we identified their presence with use of a series of trail cameras. I captured incredible footage of these amazing birds using the NatureView with the 46cm lens last year. This year, I decided to set a wired camera there, so we could record everything that visited. I set up an HD Vivotek camera, that I was able to focus closely on the perch. I aimed to get a clear image of the kingfisher, but also set the camera far back enough  to capture footage of any other species that also used this post.


I have captured a series of still from the captured footage…

 We are also getting lots of amazing footage of 2 males , a female and possibly a young adult as well. You can see all our videos on out YouTube Channel HERE 

Here are a couple of my favourites!

We were incredibly lucky to capture a fish exchange between the male and female…

We have been having lots of other species visiting this post as well, but perhaps the most exciting was a Tawny Owl who came to the post over a  number of evenings….

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 20.42.01

I am going to be taking screen captures of all our Kingfisher post visitors and it will be interesting to see how many more we get!

Having seen that these Kingfishers are now becoming regular visitors, I set up a hide last week whilst at Yew View. My next challenge is to capture a picture of these kingfishers on my DSLR… watch this space!


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