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Kestrel Visitors to my Barn Kestrel Box

I recently replaced a rather old camera on my barn kestrel box as I had heard a pair of kestrels around the area. They had been looking at the box and I hoped they may be interested, although it is a little late for breeding. Over the last few weeks what looks like possibly a young male has been visiting. AT first I thought it was a female, but there seems to be some grey appearing on the head and I am thinking that this is a male just starting to get his adult plumage. 

This individual has not been very well received as the jackdaws have also taken a liking to the box! Every time it arrives, it is dive-bombed by the jackdaws! I have recorded a couple of clips of this happening….

Watch carefully and you will see the jackdaws stoop past at an amazing speed! 

The stock doves and a couple of young jackdaws have been checking this box out too. This box will often feature of my ‘live camera’ page during the day… so keep an eye out for activity!


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