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Kestrel Box all wired into office!

I had set up my kestrel box at the weekend, but the wires were not long enough to reach my office, so I had to look at the images in my conservatory on my laptop. I ordered a couple of 10m extention wires so today was able to get the feed into my office and to my PC with i-catcher on. This now means I can leave the PC on at night and monitor if anything comes and has a look. There were a couple of jackdaws in the tree today. They do nest in a broken part of an oak tree on the opposite side of the field, so maybe they will take up residence…. don’t know if this box is the kind of place they would consider.

Below is a screen shot of the image on my PC…. should get a really good view if anything does come… just worried that you cannot see right inside, but due to the position of the tree branches, that was the best I could do and it does give a good view of anything coming into the box, especially if it uses the side branch.


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