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Jackdaws check out oak tree kestrel box

I was out in the garden this morning, when movement in the oak tree caught my attention. My first kestrel box is erected here… the one that had the stock dove in last year. There were a couple of jackdaws on top, so I rushed inside and put the camera onto i-catcher. This is the initial shot I captured…

 This pair seemed very interested. The individual on the left will be easy to recognise as it seems to have an injured leg. It was holding it right leg up and not using it at all.  Fairly soon after I put the camera on to i-catcher, they flew off. I set the i-catcher feed back to a quad view (where I can monitor 4 cameras at once). The shots below are the smaller images. This pair visited about 5 times today. At one point, a magpie came onto the top of the box aswell!

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