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Jackdaw with a pair of scissors!

Last week, I posted a picture on Twitter of the jackdaw in my nest box. It had a pair of scissors! The picture was retweeted many times and commented on by lots of people! I have finally got around to uploading the video clip of the scene. I am not sure whether the jackdaws actually brought in the scissors in the first place or whether they had been in there after I had filled up the box with new chippings. As the jackdaws took out all the chipping that I had put in for the tawny owls, the scissors became apparent. Pretty quickly, they decided they did not want them in the box and this clip shows them being taken out. I found the scissors up the bridle path…. impaled, blades down, in the ground! Lucky there was no one walking underneath at the time… you don’t really expect scissors depending on you from a height!

It made me smile! I wish I had been outside the box to see it flying up the bridle path with a pair of scissors!


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