Incredible Crees Footage

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When I met Andy Andy Whitworth, research manager at the Crees Foundation(a Peru-based non-profit organisation) and a researcher with Scotland’s University of Glasgow, several years ago, we hit it off straight away. His enthusiasm and passion was something I totally understood and  when he described the work he planned to do with Bushnell trail cams, I could not  not help but wish I could head straight out there with Andy and the team!

Working together, we secured a really good deal with Bushnell, ensuring that the team had as many trip cams as they could afford, to take out into Manu. About a year ago, we arranged more camera traps for the second phase of the project and 6 months ago, 80 arboreal Bushnells (placed in tree tops) and 40 more Bushnells on the ground were deployed  in the Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru, one of the world’s most biodiverse conservation areas.

The team positioned the cameras at various heights throughout four locations in the reserve, from ground level to as high as 41 metres (123 feet), in order to capture species that might be separating their niches vertically as opposed to horizontally.

Setting these cameras is not easy. In incredibly humid and difficult conditions, the team set most of the cams high in the trees, in an innovative project to try to understand what species are using