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I see a barn owl and short-eared owl!

On Wednesday, a friend and I drove over to a site not too far from me where there had been some reported sightings of three of Britain’s five owl species. A barn owl, short-eared owl and long-eared owl had all been seen at the site in the last week. With temperatures well below zero, I wrapped up warm and we headed to the site. The owls had all been seen from 2pm onwards, so we got there just about half one. Nothing appeared until about 3.30pm… a beautiful barn owl, hunting in the field next to us and then briefly coming and landing on a post… quite far away, but close enough for me to get a picture!  I was absolutely thrilled! I have not seen barn owls since the wonderful encounters in Norfolk in the summer… seems a very long time ago now.

A little while later as the last of the light disappeared, we spotted the SE owl sitting on a post on the far side of the field. We watched it for a while before the last of the light disappeared. By now I was freezing and beginning to shiver uncontrollably, but it had all been worth it. Thanks Ian, for finding the site. I will be returning in the new year.  I am hoping for more owls in 2011 with my primary aim  to get some decent photos of barn owls… that’s going to be my New Year’s resolution!

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