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Wet & windy and my barn owls disappear

I was very excited last Sunday night, when my barn owl pair spent over an hour in the box together and there was lots if interaction and attempted mating. I began to hope that they were, in fact, going to stay around! I captured a few clips from this visit….

It was all looking very promising! As usual, the first thing I do when I get up, is to check the icatcher software to see what was captured over night and on 2nd Feb, there were no captures, other than a brief look in one of the tawny boxes, by the male. That is the last I saw of them this week. With almost constant rain and high winds, I am hoping that the awful weather is what is preventing them prospecting any more…. they are using the small windows of decent weather to hunt and feed themselves, rather than looking for nesting sites. It is still pretty early in the season for Barn owls, so let’s hope they do re-appear in the coming weeks.

Each morning when icatcher displays ‘There is no data for this date’, I can’t help but feel disappointed, but that’s nature for you! I now know that there are barn owls in the area and that is amazing… I have already captured some lovely clips, with which I am thrilled… but I can’t help wanting more! Come on guys…. please come back!


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