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I find a dead weasel.. what a stunning little mustelid…

I have only seen a weasel a couple of times in my life. Views of these tenacious little mustelids tend to be brief as they stay well hidden and move amazingly fast!  They are incredible hunters and, despite their diminutive size, they can bring down a rabbit!

My view this week was a sad one, as it was actually a recently killed weasel. I was sweeping the leaves on my drive when I heard a squeaking in the bridle path opposite my house. It sounded like something being attacked. Putting down the broom, I headed across the lane and up the bridle path. Whatever attacked this weasel ran off as I found it, still warm, in the grass.

Its death gave me the opportunity to have a close look at this amazing mustelid.

I am always amazed at how tiny weasels are. It easily fitted in the palm of my hand and was a beautiful little creature.  A rich chestnut on top and delicate cream underneath, only a single wound to the side showed evidence of its attacker.

I brought it back into the garden so I could take a closer look and take some pictures.

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Such a shame to see this creature like this, rather than alive and wild near to my home. It is not often you get to have such a close look at a weasel.  It smelt very strongly, and it took a lot of hand washing to get the smell off of my hands!

Good to know they are about though and this one is now in my freezer. Its body will not go to waste. No, I’m not going to eat it! Its body will be used to educate people about weasels and what wonderful little hunters they are!


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