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Goldcrest beauties!

I was delighted today to hear the familiar high-pitched call of a goldcrest and after a bit of searching, I found a pair feeding high in a fir tree in my garden. They are like little wind-up birds, flitting all over the place, never still and always just obscured by sprigs of fir and impossible to follow with the camera and even harder to focus on! They were also really high in the tree and often silhouetted against the sky. 

I attempted to take some pics, but only really got one photo to add to my 365 project, to prove that I had seen them…..


Sadly , you can’t see its crest, but may be they will hang around and give me another chance to photograph them. They are beautiful little birds and surprisingly bold and don’t seem too worried about humans close by… I even climbed a ladder to try to get higher up and closer to them!

I also added a bigger perch to my new window feeder and within minutes it was clear what a difference that makes, as I had a continual stream of blue tits and a robin visiting it. I have uploaded a video directly from my phone, onto my Facebook account and took a quick picture to prove  it…..

Bluetit on window feeder

I just cable-tied a twig onto the base…..



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