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Garden and pond shots

It has been another beautiful day today and I have spent it in the garden. The tadpoles in the pond are now very active and the marsh marigolds, primulas, cowslips and my snakeshead fritillaries are in flower. The hostas at the back of  the pond, in a sheltered spot, are now about 2cm from the ground.

I also took a few shots of this middle part of my garden. The odd box is in the tree to the right of the lawn. The oak tree nestbox is beyond the trellis on the left hand side. You can see the tree house from which I have taken some of my shots.

This shot is from beside my pond, looking back twards the house. The garden always looks so pretty at this time of the month, looking its best towards the middle of May. From then onwards, it just goes crazy and I fight a battle to keep foliage and hedgerow at bay!


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