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First Bushnell Badger!

Success! I am delighted to report that, on retrieving my Bushnell this morning, I rushed home to find I had captured some badgers on video!  I am really pleased about this, I have been looking for a local badger site for a couple of months now. The camera had about 50 clips, but many were false alarms. These can be caused by the camera triggering with animals just outside of its view. I did have about 5 clips of badgers and a couple of brief views of foxes.

The badgers were not coming up the track, as I had anticipated, but coming across it. I had a look when I went back and I can see a track going through a fence, into an arable field. I may set the camera up there at a later date and try to get some more footage.

I have combined a few clips together and went back to set up the Bushnell again this afternoon… this time a little further back, hopefully to capture the deer. There were fresh droppings in this area. I will collect the camera over the weekend.


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