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Fantastic Tayra Views from Ecuador

Logging onto the Birdsy camera I set up at Septimo Paraiso, in Ecuador, I could see the hummingbird feeder hd been knocked over. Looking through the clips, I soon saw the culrit… a stunning male Tayra.  Visiting the platform at about 7.30am, her proceeded to feast on the banana, giving me excellent views of him.

I was most fascinated by his huge feet and pads. These pads seem to extend up his ‘ankles’; further than normal pads. I presume this is to aid climbing as this mammals spends a lot of times in the trees. The feet are huge, with large claws as well, for climbing, ripping  and digging.

I took a few screen captures to take a closer look at this fantastic mustelid..

I’m really pleased with the clip the Birdsy camera has captured. We haven’t had any mammals on the platform for a while…

I check this camera every day, along with about 6 others that I have installed… it’s becoming a bit of an obsession… along with all the other cameras I have! Worth it when you capture stuff like this!


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