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Dewy Spiderwebs

What a beautiful morning this morning! A light mist hung in the air and the whole area was coated in dew. I took my camera with me on my dog walk and was not disappointed! The area where I walk has a lot of rough grassland and it was cloaked in webs. In this shot, I tried to show one web in focus, at the bottom, with an expanse behind, giving a hint of the number of webs there were!

I then took a selection of other shots, but many appeared with a strange colour cast on them…. I think it could be something to do with the UV filter I have on the lens.

I only found one web with the spider. This female garden spider was beautiful, backlit by the rising sun. Difficult to shoot though, as this then throws the spider into shadow… could have done with a small reflector to help… will try this next time …

Also noticed some tiny webs like little tangles of thread, low on the ground. Not sure what spider creates these…


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