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Bullfinches & Goldcrests; A Gorgeous Day in my Patch

What a truly stunning Bank Holiday it has been today! Warm sunshine and clear blue skies have meant I have cracked on and got loads of jobs done in the garden. This time of year is when my garden begins to look its best… it is really a Spring garden and will reach its peak in about a month I think. From then on, being such a mature garden, it rather goes crazy and out of control! At the moment, it is all still under control, with new growth and emergent foliage giving hints of what is about to explode!

With the lawn cut, borders trimmed, some weeding and pruning, it looked really pretty in the sunshine. I climbed up onto my Hub roof and took a panorama shot…. this gives a curve to the image and can make the garden look huge… it actually is long and narrow!

IMG_1319 1

The Marsh Marigolds are now flowering around the pond and the tadpoles have hatched and are small, squirmy leech-shaped babies, with their external gills still clearly evident. Hostas are bursting in the sheltered corners and buds on all the shrubs hint of summer… it was truly a joy to be out there today…. here are a selection if images that I feel sum up my garden in April…

Last year, I transformed one area of my garden from a muddy mess in February, to a new fenced area, part of which I planted with wildflower turf. This year is its second year and it is looking great. The Campion is going to be the first to flower I think and the area is also covered in tiny seedlings from last year’s seed heads. I just can’t wait to see how it all progresses….

I always have my camera out in the garden, especially as there are so many birds singing and declaring territories  at the moment. I heard the distinctive call of the Bullfinches and went into my hub as I presumed they were going to come to the feeders. In fact, they flitted around the newly emerging buds, nibbling the succulent new foliage and I managed to grab a few shots…


Of course, I couldn’t resist a few shots of my most common visitor, the Blue tit… always up for a great portrait!

I then heard the distinctive high-pitched call of a Goldcrest. I have a fir tree in the garden and if they do come to the garden, it is always to this tree where they forage and feed , flitting energetically around the pine needles, often just out of view and incredibly difficult to photograph! I spent about half an hour, trying to follow it and capture a few shots of this fantastic little visitor!



Being in my garden is one of the things I enjoy most and today has certainly been the most beautiful day this year so far…. and looking at the forecast, it is going to be a lovely week… let’s hope it extends to the Cairngorms, where I am heading on Thursday!


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