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Blackbird family update

With all the fox excitement, the poor blackbirds haven’t had an update. All the chicks are doing well and growing fast.  The male is now feeding them as well…. it took him a while to get the idea and at the beginning kept appearing with nothing. All seems to be going well now though. They seem to be bringing a tremendous amount of food in…. more than the chicks can sope with sometimes. The chicks are so full, they don’t repond when the parents return and the adult then keeps prodding them, trying to convince them. Also today, the female bought a huge berry in and kept trying to cram it into the chicks’ mouths. They kept spitting it out, understandably. She kept picking it up and ramming it into another chick’s mouth. Eventually, she gave up and took it away.

Here are a few screen shots from today.


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