BirdFair 2016!


Every year an area on the shores of Rutland water is transformed into the ‘Glastonbury’ for wildlife watchers…. The British Birdwatching Fair, better known simply as ‘BirdFair’! It is not only birds though….you will find all sorts of events, talks and stand to do with wildlife watching here in the UK and all over the world!

‘Birdfair encompasses the whole spectrum of the birdwatching industry whilst at the same time supporting global bird conservation. This is the event of the year if you’re into birds and wildlife.  A wide range of fantastic conservation projects have been supported by Birdfair.

There are hundreds of stands selling the latest products for wildlife enthusiasts. You’ll find everything, from scopes to sculptures, binoculars to bird food, eGuides to eco-holidays!’

For the last few years, I have been lucky enough to be part of the Bushnell stand in the Optics Marquee at BirdFair. Along with Gareth Jones (@TigerGaret on Twitter)  and the Bushnell team, we are there to offer help and advice about Bushnell trail cams and optics and to showcase some of the best of our captures with this great kit.

This year has been another amazing show! Gareth and I  have been very busy on the Bushnell stand, sharing our best captures and helping visitors purchase a trail cam and understand how to get the very best out of it.  The stand looked great and it is always a pleasure to be in the Optics Marquee overlooking the stunning pools on the edge of Rutland water.


We were well positioned, with numerous Bushnell scopes and binoculars when an osprey chose to spend a considerable amount of time on one the posts in these pools! We had some lovely views!

The Birdfair, for me, is not just about showcasing the capabilities of the trail cams, but also about socialising, networking and basically exploring all the wonderful wildlife stands there are on site. I love spending time in the art marquee, marvelling at the illustrative prowess of illustrators such as Richard Lewington and the stunning metal work of Harriet Mead! This barn owl was my favourite this year!