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Badger Sett Discovery

I have been hoping to find some other wildlife to watch, photograph and hopefully film and today I discovered a badger sett less than half a mile from my house! I had been talking to my neighbour who told me that on his way to the pub a couple of evenings ago, he had been driving down the lane, when a badger appeared from a hole right at the side of the lane! We went up to have a look and, sure enough, there is a badger exit right onto the edge of the lane. There is a fair amount of newly dug out earth, so it is obviously active. It does seem a strange place to exit though, as the lane has steep banked sides and the only place for the badgers to go would be to walk along the lane, before it could find a way back up onto the surrounding fields. These photos show the sett entrance:

A little further down the lane, there is a clear pathway that is regularly used. You can see it in the photo below:

I also went up on the field behind the lane onto the field  but little evidence of any exit holes there. As the evenings get a little lighter, I plan on creeping up there and seeing if I can see them. My aim is to be able to get some film of them with my new Canon 7D!


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