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Back to the copse to collect the Bushnells

This morning, I returned to the copse to collect the two Bushnells that I set up on Saturday. I was particularly excited to collect the new HD Bushnell, but as I got closer to the site, I realised that the peanuts I had scattered were still there….. not a good sign, sadly. The camera only showed that is had 5 captures, but I could not see them on the viewer.  I contemplated leaving it there for longer, but wanted to see what it had managed to get. I carried on up to the other site, where I had set the cam on the trail I had seen the badgers using last time. This showed more captures and I was able to see that a couple seemed to have badgers!

A brisk walk back home and straight up to the computer, to upload the images! First, the HD Bushnell…… really disappointing, as the only captures it had were those of me leaving, passing and returning to collect it!! Never mind…. the picture did look nice and crisp though!

The second Bushnell had had more success, with some nice captures of badger and fox… the best bits are shown in the video below:

On speaking to the farmer on my return, he told me of another copse on his land, where I might have more luck with deer. I may try and get up there tomorrow morning and then leave the camera there until the weekend.

I have set it up at the fox feeding station again tonight, this time without blocking any IR LEDs…. so we’ll see what we get in the morning. At least I am virtually guaranteed some action!


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