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Another new camera set up!

Last week, Ark Wildlife sent me a Squirrel Feeder to review. They also sent me some of their Whole nut squirrel mix, which I have put in there… must admit, it looked delicious! I will be writing about it in more detail in the coming weeks, but I could not resist putting a camera inside! I have a cam with a fish eye lens on it and it seemed perfect for the job! I took the cam off of its stand and simply fixed it to the back of the box, so it looked out, through the perspex window. Hopefully, you will be able to see the squirrel looking in and then opening the lid for a snack!

The squirrels were around today and did have a look, but I have not seen one have a go yet… I bet it won’t be long though, so keep an eye out for  it on my live stream cameras.


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