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A Couple of Hours at Freda’s Grave

Today, I spent a couple of hours up at a small feeding station near ‘Freda’s Grave’ up on Cannock Chase, with fellow photographer Pete Walkden It is right on the edge of the woodland and regularly stocked by visitors and photographers! The area was alive with birds, but the light was not very good, sadly. There were loads of great tits, blue tits and coal tits, as well as regular visits by nuthatches and some long tailed tits. We were also treated to some nice close views of a female yellowhammer and a female bullfinch. The male bullfinch was around, but did not come down to the food, sadly.

This is a great little spot and you can simply sit in the car and photograph from there! The birds are well used to people and each time we replenished the food supplies, they were gathering in the trees and even coming down to the area before we had even got back into the car! It is less than half an hour from me and I will definitely be going back there when the light is a bit better. I may also make up a couple of portable perches and feeding areas  to see if I can tempt some of these species down to them.

I took quite a lot of shots and my favourites can be seen on my Flickr set HERE

Here are a couple of my favourites…..


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