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Kestrel Cam, Blackpool

This beautiful kestrel pair are nesting in a purpose built nest box in Blackpool. This is a bespoke build, using the 'NestBox' Live camera that I am trialling in my garden this year.  In this set-up, there are two cameras, giving different views on the nesting space and I am looking forward to following this pair raise their family here.

You can find out more about Nest Box Live and the kit on my website page HERE

Timeline: 16th April - 1st Egg Laid

18th April - 2nd Egg Laid

20th April - 3rd Egg Laid

22nd April - 4th Egg Laid 2

3rd April - Incubation Started

24th April - 5th Egg Laid

26th April - *** Potential 6th Egg ***

20th May - *** Expected 1st Egg Hatch Date

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