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Yew View

Captured with Bushnell NatureView HD Trail Camera

Yew View is a private 7 acre site in rural Worcestershire. A mature garden with a range of habitats, it slopes down to the River Severn and is home to an amazing diversity of wildlife. I began working there in August 2014,  to plan and manage an installation  of cameras with icode systems.  I have installed a wide selection of nest boxes, from standard tit boxes, through to tawny, kestrel and barn owl boxes, as well as feeding stations for birds and mammals. All of the cameras are wired back to a central system, where I can monitor, record and upload footage of our wildlife. An artifical badger sett already on site has been monitored and a number of individuals are using it. This had no internal cameras, so a big project at the end of 2015, was to build a new sett, with HD chamber cameras. This is now finished and we have had a few tentative visits by mice, rats, rabbits and a single badger.


I use a number of trail cameras on site too and have captured incredible footage of otter on the Severn and the stunning kingfisher you see on the banner above.  A number of kingfishers hunt from in a wildlife pond on site and I have captured some of my best trail cam footage at this spot.


When the Internet connection on the site is improved, I aim to live stream some of the cameras at this incredible location.






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In Spring 2015, Midlands Today visiting me at the site and made this small piece about the work I am doing there....

I now spend a day a week at Yew View and it is quite simply a dream job!


I manage the site for wildlife, installing nest boxes, habitats, planting and planning exciting projects that will maximise the wildlife that visits.  You can find out more about the site and the work I do there by visiting the  YewView website by clicking on the image to the left.