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What Feeder?

There are a huge amount of bird feeders on the market and it can be difficult to decide what to buy. Whether you are new to feeding the birds or an experienced garden bird watcher it is always good to hear, from others, what feeders work best in their space. The ones I am showing are mainly squirrel resistant and I rarely use thin plastic feeders as the these are quickly destroyed,

Below are a selection of feeders that I have used. I have highlighted the elements that I like about them. Some are just a few pounds, others are more expensive. As with most things, if it is something you use a lot, then it can be worth spending a bit more, to get something that lasts and performs really well. I will keep adding to this page and do contact me if you would like to recommend a feeder.

Top Tips

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Make sure your feeder is easily cleaned. Ideally, it should come apart. Feeder hygiene is very important for a healthy  feeding station.

If you have squirrels around, avoid feeders with plastic parts.

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Finches Friend Feeders

This range of British made feeders are one of my absolute favourites. Sturdy, functional, well made with design driven through a need for good hygiene, they are win-win in the garden. Watch them on my live camera

Food kept dry to prevent mould and rotting

2, removeable feeding platforms for easy cleaning

Range of sizes available

Comes apart completely for easy cleaning


Big Easy Feeder

This is one of my favourite feeders. It will offer you years of use and is brilliantly easy to clean as everything comes apart. Their Ring-pull feeders are also good. You'll often see this feeder on my live cameras. The port are a hard, squirrel resistant material

Jacobi Jayne


Sturdy tube, squirrel resistant ports & large capacity

Seed tray available

2, 4 and 6 port available with good perching position

Comes apart completely for easy cleaning

Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 17.36.17.png

PestOff Feeder


Roamwild Logo big.jpg

Weighted ports prevent squirrels & larger birds feeding

Different models for seed, fat balls and nuts

This really is squirrel proof and prevents larger birds dominating as well. It is quite easy to clean and fill, its only downside is only 2 birds can feed at once. 

2 ports with perch expenders available

Comes apart  for easy cleaning

Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 17.36.17.png
Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 17.36.17.png

Fat Ball & Bar Feeders

Cheap & Cheerful from Wilco and B&M  and Home Bargains

A simple hanging cage for for fat squares

Budget fat ball holder

Budget suet log feeder

These are the generally the cheapest feeders as they are simply a cage to hold the product. These are some of the ones I have used.

Suet filled coconut feeders

Most favourite of fat balls in my patch

Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 19.02.52.png
09_ PTZ_HiLook_-N2404I-DE3 on 2022-08-15 14-57-50.241.jpg

Squirrel Buster Range

Guaranteed to keep squirrels off your feeders

These are expensive feeders, but do what they say on the tin and there is a lifetime guarantee on parts. They come apart completely to clean and are fab feeders. I have bought mine from CJWildlife


Squirrel proof, easy access for smaller birds

Different sizes available with good perching position

Comes apart completely for easy cleaning


Fat Ball / Peanut cake Guardian feeder

Squirrel resistant & longer lasting


Guardian Feeder

Squirrel proof, easy access for smaller birds

This is my favourite squirrel proof fat product feeder. The blackbirds and woodpeckers can reach the food. This feeder can often be seen on my live cameras.

What food should I feed in here?
Dec 10_tits on fat bar_00000.jpg

Multi 3-in1 Feeder

One feeder, 3 food types

If you have limited space or funds, a feeder like this can offer 3 food stuffs in one feeder. A bit tricky to clean, but good value. If possible get the one with metal ports. Cheaper ones are available with plastic ports

What food should I feed in here?
41NjjrgVRtL._AC_ (1).jpg
Blue Tit and European Robin - 10 Jun 202

Window Feeder

Perfect for getting up close to birds

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If you don't have a garden, or are working from home and would like to get up close to visitors, then a window feeder could be for you. I have tried many and this is by far the best! It live streams on my website.

What food should I feed in here?

Comes apart completely for easy cleaning

Powerful suction cups

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