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AlfrescoWild Challenge 

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Create Solitary Bee Habitats


Image -  Ed Phillips

If you have a garden, you should definitely create a solitary bee habitat to encourage them to breed in your patch. These bees DO NOT STING, so are perfectly safe, wonderful pollinators and fabulous to watch!

Watch my videos to learn all about solitary bees, how to make a simple habitat to encourage them to your garden and then come and visit my Bee Plaza!

You can watch my Bee Plaza, LIVE! Watch the bees bringing in mud and then filling the chamber with pollen!


Image -  Ed Phillips

Solitary Bees Part 1:

What is a solitary bee 'hotel' and what happens inside those tubes?

1_What happens in a Bee 'Hotel'? mp4_000

Solitary Bees Part 2:

What do I need to make my own solitary bee 'hotel'?

2_Building a Bee Hotel... What do I need

Solitary Bees Part 3:

How to make your own solitary bee 'hotel'

3_How to make your Bee Hotel_00002.jpg

Solitary Bees Part 4:

Find out more about my different bee 'hotels' in my Bee Plaza!

4_Some of my 2020 Bee Hotels_00001.jpg

Solitary Bees Part 5:

Visit my 2020 Garden Bee Plaza and see some of the early visitors

5_My Bee Plaza and Bees_00000.jpg

Want to know more?

I have gathered some excellent resources to help you learn more about these wonderful bees!

These great infographics have been produced by Xavier McNally. You can follow him on Twitter @air_beenbee

Team Candiru is an award winning production company based in Bristol specialising in natural history documentary content. Visit their website:

  • If you decide to have a go at this challenge and make your own bee habitat, take some pictures or videos.

  • You can share with WildlifeKate, on the AlfrescoWild FB page, by clicking on the link below. or via Twitter

  • Please check with a parent, if you want to share your project                                                                                   (unless you are an adult of course!!)

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