Yew View Tawny update

When I put up the Tawny Box at Yew View, I already knew there were Tawnies in the area, but you can never tell if the wildlife will take to your boxes… and I rarely actually get my ‘target’ species! I have jackdaws, squirrels and stock doves in my tawny boxes!

I was thrilled when, in just a few days, the tawny came in to have a look!

Over the last few weeks, the pair have visited close to the box every night, often landing on the perch outside , mating on the perch and taking a good look inside as well. This last week, I was treated to both the male and female in the box. I initially realised when I watched the footage from the outside of the box. I could see one tawny land, call and then the other appear on the perch nearby. The first went inside, warbling a wonderful call. We think this is the male. I could hear the female calling in response, outside on the perch. The male came in and took a look around. He then left and within a few seconds, the female appeared and also came in.

Watching the footage back, I was able to identify differences between the two. The male is smaller and has a clear line of un-patterned wing feathers.

The female is a bit larger and all of her wing feathers are well patterned!

This video clip has to be my most exciting so far!… (Make sure you watch it in HD and turn up the volume!)

This clip shows them on the outside of the box as well….

Only time will tell… just keep your fingers crossed….I would SO love to see some owlets this year!

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