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Squirrel Family Antics and Kingfisher Catches

This week’s activity in the tawny box looked like a furry crèche, with the squirrel babies growing fast and full of fun and antics! They were clambering all over the box, frolicking and playing and looking ready to face the outside world. When the female came in, she was assaulted by the youngsters, all fighting for a feed, although I am sure they are all weaned by now! They were very comical to watch and this female has done an incredible job to raise 6 youngsters!

In the middle of the week, the female started to remove the youngsters from the box.  I thought they would make their own way out, but she came back again and again, managing to grab hold of these youngsters and take them out of the box and relocate them. Sadly the PTZ on the outside of the box had moved so I was not able to film them to see where she might have gone.

I am sure we will see these youngsters around the site in the next few weeks!

The kingfishers have been back and hunting successfully from the pond. I am going to build a bracket to mount my DSLR and trigger sensor to try to get some ‘proper’ pictures of them, they are so stunning!

I also managed to capture the moment this male ejected a pellet. Kingfishers eject pellets made up of bones and scales and these can sometimes be found near perches. It is hard to see on the video, but this sequence of stills shows it more clearly…

I just never tire of watching these beautiful little birds.

We also had a few otter visits this week. Our female and large cub cams once and it was also good to see the large male dog otter appear as well…

I am hoping to build a new holt site in the future… just the rising waters of the Severn might present a problem! Nothing like a challenge to get me going!


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