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Silver Trees ‘Fallow Clearing’ produces another cracking set of images!

Every year, at the beginning of June, I start thinking about taking my Bushnell trail cams up to Silver Trees Holiday Park, on the edge of Cannock Chase. Meeting up with good friend, Rob, we have a favourite spot where we have been placing a camera for the last few years. Rob, who has a van on site, helps by keeping the little area we have chosen, free from the bracken. This means we create a little arena, protected by the tall walls of bracken. We call it ‘Fallow Clearing’.

When the fallow give birth, they hide their fawns in this foliage and they are rarely spotted when they are tiny. The fawns stay hidden until the does return to feed them.

This little arena often becomes a place for the does to groom and suckle their fawns… a lovely insight into their lives that are usually hidden. This footage still remains some of my most favourite of Bushnell captures…. I am always so excited to see what we have captured!

These first few are stills captured from the video clips:

A darker fawn_00000

I have selected some of my favourites videos from this area, this year. The camera is still there… so there may be some more…

It is not only deer that we capture on the Bushnells. I also placed a camera near a site that Rob had seen fox cubs. We were delighted to capture a series of clips over a week. Something that was really interesting is that one of the cubs has a deformed ear. It looks like a congenital defect, with the other part of the ear seeming bent over, making this individual easily distinguishable.

Almost a month later, we capture the same cubs in the clearing! It will be great to see how often we capture ‘OneEar’ popping up on our cams! They are looking strong and healthy!

This older individual also turned up…..

I have to say a massive ‘Thank you’ to Rob who has been swapping the SD cards over from this camera whilst I was away in Shetland and also for kindly looking through all the footage and filtering out the best clips… it takes a while, especially when there are a family of rabbits also living on the site!!

Rob has just contacted me tonight saying we have another batch of clips from the area… so watch this space… part 2 will be coming soon!


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