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Sharing Supper

As we move further into October, I start wondering how much longer I will see my hedgehog visitors…. with the nights drawing in and temperatures dropping, it will soon be time for my hedgehogs to tuck themselves away for the winter.

This year, I have had at least five individuals visiting but although I have marked them with white nail varnish and tippex, it is still not clear on my IR cameras. I need to find something that glows under IR light so I can be sure who I am seeing. 

A week or so ago, a new visitor appeared… definitely smaller than my other hedgehogs… and this was confirmed when a wood mouse nipped in to share the feast! I might have to nip out and weigh this little guy next time I see it. Hedgehogs really need to be at least 450g to survive hibernation, but preferably 600g. The way he was eating though, I’m sure he is heading that way!


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