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Rescue Hedgehogs for release in the WildlifeKate patch!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a rescue centre looking for suitable gardens to release some rescue hedgehogs. These little guys all had different backgrounds, but were now well recovered and ready to be released. My garden got the seal of approval and this weekend, I welcomed 4 hedgehogs! Three girls and a boy, I am hoping they are going to hang around my garden. For the first week, I built a pen with two hedgehog boxes and my Prickly Diner feeding station. This means they can get ready for living in the garden. I will then open the pen and they can come and go as they please.

The cameras in my Prickly Diner will show when they visit and they are each marked with a different colour paint, so they can be identified. My garden and the surrounding area is full of great habitats and lots of food, so these guys will be fine, I’m sure!


The Prickly Diner is live on the ‘Live cameras’ Page of my website. They generally come out as it get dark so you will be able to watch them feeding.

Here are some clips of them munching last night!


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