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Prickly Diner Update

I have been pleased with the footage and images I have been getting from Prickly Diner, but with the lights above, their faces were in shadow. I have moved the lights around now to illuminate their faces a little and have just uploaded some footage of some of the visitors….

Usually when the hedgehogs appear I am either in bed or ready for bed and don’t really fancy tearing up the garden in the dark in my PJs trying to catch a hedgehog! Tonight, one appeared at 9.30pm, so I grabbed the kitchen scales and headed up to my Hub. I carefully opened the Diner and was able to lift it out and weigh it. He/she weighed in at nearly a kilogram… a healthy weight after hibernation.




I marked its front spines with a little blue nail varnish, which I hope will show up in the Diner, so we can see if it returns. I carefully placed it back into the Diner, where it scuttled off.


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