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Prickly Diner HD gets its first visitor!

In the last month, I have been working on a new Prickly Diner Hedgehog Feeding station. With the success of my Mammal Box HD and the mouse and shrew footage I have captured, I wanted to see if I could capture the hedgehogs in a similar set up.

Using a new hedgehog feeding station from Ark Wildlife, I cut out the back of the  box and built and ‘extension’ to house a small Vivotek HD camera. I positioned it carefully so as to be on eye-level with the hedgehogs.


Lining the box with bark, logs and other bits and pieces, I did not want to put a large bowl inside. Instead, I drilled a sunken bowl into the floor of the box. I thought I could then fill this with food and the hedgehog image would not be obscured by a bowl then.

At the weekend, I finished the box and installed some little LED lights. In the past, the hedgehogs have been totally un-phased by lighting and it means I can capture excellent images in full colour. I did not have to wait long! My first visitor visited 6 times last night and as I type now, he is munching away on the newly filled feeding area!

Hedgehog 19th April(1)_00003

I am thrilled with the images and the clips I am capturing. I will be installing a microphone so we can hear the munching and hopefully be live streaming this camera soon.

Here are the first video captures I have saved…

The first is of a Wood Mouse…the first to take advantage of the food!

Then the hedgehog appeared…


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