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New fox hide

I decided to build a small ‘hide’ today, so I can sit out on the edge of the field to, hopefully, get some better pictures of Flynn and Fern.  It is difficult because there are two very inquisitive horses in the field, so I could not put anything actually in the field… they would destroy it. Luckily, there is a little bit of double fencing at the end of the field. I took an old piece of trellis and rested it over the top of the two levels of fencing (mainly to stop the horses leaning in) and then I draped several layers of camouflage netting over the front piece of fence. This gives me a space to sit in, from which I can see most of the field. Because the horses were very interested, I put some thistles that I can cut down, along the top to give a prickly deterent!

The only trouble being is that at certain times in the evening the sun shines from the top of the field (with me at the bottom). I will have to shoot into the sun if Fern appears higher up in the field. Generally though, she comes in level with the hide, trots across the field before moving up to the feeding station.


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