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Nestbox updates

The oak tree nestbox pair have continued to bring in small amounts of grass and soft materials to line the nest today. They quite often came into the box together as well. There has not been much action in the odd box… a couple of visits, but no more materials bought in. The green nestbox has has the blue tits in and out as of the last few days, but again, no further materials bought in.

I saw some blue tits mating in the hedge this afternoon, so I am hoping it is my oak tree nestbox pair and that we see some eggs in this box soon.

I have decided to try and cover the robin box a little more as I think it might be too exposed. I placed a section of  brush ‘fencing’ to one side, to seclude it from the patio area and then draped some more ivy around. The RSPB also suggest putting some leaves into the box, so I did this as well. May be this will make it more attractive to a robin. I am hoping it is not too late to see something nest here.


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